July 7, 2021

07: Puya Abolfathi, PhD: Brave New World, Not Yet, But it Can Be!

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This is not Sci-Fi, Puya Abolfathi, PhD is very much a real person with a deep rotted passion for making the world a better place.  Whether it is through shared experiences that can be accomplished with VR, or through potential therapeutic breakthroughs for paralysis using robotics.  Hear more about his struggle for the future, and his never-ending quest to improve all of our lives.

Articles on Puya: 

  • https://createdigital.org.au/australian-designed-bionic-glove-greater-autonomy-paralysis-patients/
  • https://www.abc.net.au/science/articles/2004/11/04/2839624.htm
  • https://patrickprothe.is/2020/10/episode-2-dr-margot-douaihy-and-dr-puya-abolfalthi-on-the-intersection-of-humanity-and-technology/

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