May 30, 2022

22: Danny Karon: Your Lovable Lawyer Providing Legal Wellness

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Today we discuss health & wellness, not mental health, but legal health & wellness.

Danny Karon has been a lawyer for over 30yrs not only practicing law but teaching law at some of the most prestigious universities in the world; from Columbia University to The University of Michigan and The Ohio State University.  Danny is the Chair of the American Bar Association's National Insitute on Class Actions, the largest and most prominent non-partisan class action program for lawyers, judges and professors.

He has created to bring legal wellness to the masses and the people that need it the most, he educates you in a meaningful way and offers very practical information that is easy for non-lawyers to understand.

We go to doctors when we're sick or just for a physical, we go to a financial advisor to make sure we're doing the right things with our money, but we only go to lawyers when we need them.  It's time we change that!

Listen to this episode then watch Danny offer his input on many things that affect all of us on a daily basis at

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